For the 21st consecutive year, the Rotary Club of Mission Viejo sent an eye exam team to the Door of Faith Orphanage in Baja, Mexico. The group traveled to Mexico on February 21, 2014.  The team was comprised of Past President and Charter Member, Dr. Richard Frieder; Rotarian, Dr. Aaron Sako (La Paz Optometric in Laguna Hills); Rotarian, Dr. Pushpa Chandwani; Rotarian Eric Johnson and others.  The trip was a great success. Each child received an eye exam and corrective lenses as needed.  

In addition to annual eye exams, the Rotary Club of Mission Viejo has supported the Door of Faith Orphanage in other ways, as well.  For example, the Mission Viejo Club: 1) helped purchase school uniforms for the children; 2) helped purchase a newer van used for transporting children to school, church, etc.; and 3) provided funds to purchase each child a Christmas gift.











For more information about the orphanage, visit Door of Faith Orphanage.

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